X-NetStat Technicians v6.0.0.31 Full Activated – Discount 50% OFF

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Free Download X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated
Free Download X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

is an extremely versatile network monitoring tool for Windows


X-NetStat is a versatile network monitoring tool for Windows.
It has been evolving since 1998.

Detailed info on TCP/IP connections

The bottom panel provides access to connection, process, port, WHOIS, and system info.

Here the Connection Info tab provides available information on the TCP connection.

Detailed process info

X-NetStat shows applications that handle TCP and UDP traffic. The Process Info tab displays the basics about the process, which includes embedded version information, MD5 hash info, and whether the file is digitally signed.

You can also launch Process Explorer by SysInternals from X-NetStat to show extremely detailed information.

Locational Awareness

New in X-NetStat 6 is geographic awareness and the Location panel. It can show you the approximate location of the remote host, including number of hops and line speed.

You can also use a country’s location as a condition in a rule, and also classify countries as ‘Safe’, ‘Neutral’, or ‘Threat’ to colorize them on the Connection Table.

Address Awareness

X-NetStat 6 now has better integration with IP address registries like ARIN and RIPE.  You can fetch this information in realtime with an Agent, or look it up manually.

The Netblock tab shows the owner of the selected IP address, and any information that can be pulled up on Wikipedia about them.

WHOIS browser

An integrated WHOIS browser can be used to manually look up records for IP addresses and domain names. Requests are automatically routed to the appropriate WHOIS server.

System Information

The System Info panel shows information on your computer, your local network, your ISP, and X-NetStat session information.

Set rules to trigger actions

XNS can respond to certain connection/network conditions with a built-in rule system. Enter in the conditions to trigger one or more actions, such as:

  • Pop up Message Alert
  • Access a callback URL/web service
  • Launch an EXE file or script
  • Automatically kill the connection
  • Send an email or text message

Rule triggered alert

Example message alert from a triggered rule.

Everything in Context

Access program features and commands in the context of any connection. Just right-click.

Dive into Network Statistics

Pull up vitals for your network interface cards, including statistics for the IP, ICMP, TCP/IP, and UDP protocols.


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X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

This update significantly improves core performance, by changing the way X-NetStat detects running processes.  It also adds the “Track Selected Connection” option, by default.  It also hooks up “Make a rule for (Process)”.  In the setup wizard, “Perform clean install” is now off by default.  Finally, there are minor updates to the UI and help file.


Software License : Technicians

Version :

Price : $ 49.95

Discount : 100% OFF


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X-NetStat Technicians v6.0.0.31 Full Activated – Discount 50% OFF

Free Download X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated Software License : Technicians Price : $ 49.95 Discount : 100% OFF
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