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Online networking unquestionably has the ability to arrive at a huge number of individuals all around the world. Being a Social Media Marketer, Don’t you wish you had a couple of additional hours in your day? We unquestionably know the appropriate response is YES. You may be among the numerous advertisers on the planet, who STRUGGLE to get all their online life assignments done EVERYDAY and get TIRED performing REPETITIVE undertakings. We as a whole need to juggle with such a significant number of things on everyday schedule, not ready to invest energy with family and companions and extraordinarily our activity is not 9-5 anymore with the consistently developing assignments list, the rundown which continues getting longer and more and rising our STRESS level. We as a whole searching for an approach to biggerly affect internet based life and extraordinarily in LESS time. Fortunately Socinator empowers us to do this.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr Automation

The All In One Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing Platform

Quora Marketing Platform

Pinterest Marketing Platform

LinkedIn Marketing Tool for Marketers

Reddit Marketing


Version – 22nd January 2020

New Features:-

  • Facebook :
    • Scraper ==> Profile Scraper ==> Added feature to scrape page post commentors.
    • Scraper ==> Profile Scraper ==> Added feature to scrape Group post commenters.
  • Linkedin:
    • Scrapper ==> Message conversation scraper ==> Added feature for message conversation scraper.
    • Engage ==> Like/comment ==> Added features to like group url post.
  • Tumblr :
    • Grow followers ==> Added new feature to follow user’s by Post owner.


  • Social:
    • Publisher ==> Facebook ==> Fixed issue with posting in groups without media file.
    • Publisher ==> Reddit ==> Fixed issue with publish post on wall.
  • Pinterest:
    • Unfollow ==> Configuration ==> Unfollow Source ==> Fixed issue with People followed by software.
    • PinPoster ==> Repin ==> Query Type ==> Custom Board ==> Browser Mode ==> Fixed issue with repin.
    • Board ==> Send Board Invitation ==> Trying to send board Invitation using Browser Automation ==> Fixed issue with Board Invitation.
    • Unfollow ==> Fixed issue with unfollow.
  • Linkedin:
    • Salesnavigator scraper ==> User scraper ==> Query type ==> Search URL ==> Fixed issue with salesnavigator user scraper.
    • Grow connection ==> Connection request ==> Query type ==> Salesnavigator SearchUrl ==> Fixed issue with send connection request.
    • Engage ==> Like ==> Query Type ==> GroupUrl Post ==> Browser Mode ==> Fixed issue with like group post.
    • Grow Connection ==> Export Connection ==> Fixed issue with export connection.
  • Tumblr:
    • Scraper ==> Userscraper ==> keywords and hashtag ==> Fixed issue with scrape the followers.
    • Broadcast Messages ==> Fixed issue with send messages to unique user this user filter is not available in account activity mode.
    • Grow followers ==> follow ==> user filter ==> User Bio/Username /Name must not contain any invalid words(separated words by comma) ==> Fixed issue with GUI (This user filter is not available in account activity mode.)
    • Engage ==> Unlike ==> Fixed issue with GUI (Unlike was unavailable in account activity mode).
  • Facebook:
    • Broadcast messages ==> send messages to fanpages ==> Fixed issue with sending messages to fanpage.
    • Broadcast messages ==> Broadcast messages ==> Fixed issue with sending broadcast messages using custom url.
    • Group scraper ==> keywords ==> After scraping in report membership statues and Total member showing Zero(0) and Not A member.
  • Twitter:
    • Grow Follower ==> Follow ==> Query type ==> keyword,Hashtags,Location users,Someone’s follower ==> Fixed issue with no more data.
  • Youtube:
    • Engage ==> Like comment ==> Custom channel ==> Fixed issue with Like the comment.
    • Engage ==> Comment ==> Keyword ==> Fixed issue with comment the video.
    • Scraper ==> ChannelScraper ==> Custom Url ==> Fixed issue with scrapping the channel.
    • Engage ==> Dislike ==> Custome Url ==> Fixed issue with dislike the video.
  • Reddit:
    • Voter ==> Remove vote ==> Query type Custom URL ==> Fixed issue with remove vote.
    • Scrapper ==> User scrapper ==> Fixed issue with user scarpper.
    • Scrapper ==> URL scrapper ==> Fixed issu with url scrapper.
    • Voter ==> Down vote ==> Fixed issue with Down vote.
  • Quora:
    • Voting ==> Upvote Answers ==> Query Type ==> Custom URLs ==> HTTP MODE ==> Fixed issue with upvote.


Software License : Enterprise ( All Options )

Price : $ 2500

Discount : 100% OFF


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