X-NetStat Technicians v6.0.0.36 Full Activated – Discount 100% OFF

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Free Download X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated
Free Download X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

X-NetStat Technicians, is a network monitoring tool that provides detailed information about network connections and associated processes running on a computer. It is commonly used on Windows operating systems to monitor and analyze network activities. X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

X-NetStat Technicians allows users to view information such as active network connections, established TCP/IP connections, listening ports, remote IP addresses, and associated processes. This can be useful for troubleshooting network-related issues, identifying unauthorized connections, and monitoring network performance.

Here are some common features and functionalities provided by X-NetStat Technicians:

1. Connection Monitoring: X-NetStat Technicians displays a list of all active network connections, including TCP and UDP connections. It shows details such as local and remote IP addresses, port numbers, connection state, process IDs (PIDs), and the associated process names. X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

2. Process Identification: It helps identify the processes or applications associated with each network connection. This is particularly useful for identifying suspicious or unwanted network activities.

3. GeoIP Lookup: X-NetStat Technicians can perform a GeoIP lookup, which means it can determine the geographic location of remote IP addresses involved in network connections. This information can be valuable for investigating potential security threats or determining the origin of network traffic. X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

4. Traffic Statistics: X-NetStat Technicians provides statistics on network traffic, including data transfer rates (upload and download), connection uptime, and cumulative data transfer volume.

5. Whois Lookup: It supports performing a Whois lookup, which retrieves registration and ownership information for domain names or IP addresses. This can be helpful in identifying the owners or organizations behind specific network connections.

6. Port Scanning: X-NetStat Technicians includes a port scanner that allows users to scan remote systems for open ports. This can help identify potential vulnerabilities or services running on remote systems.

7. Alerts and Notifications: X-NetStat Technicians can be configured to generate alerts or notifications based on specific criteria. For example, it can notify the user when a new network connection is established or when a connection state changes.

Please note that the specific features and functionalities may vary depending on the version of X-NetStat Technicians and any updates or enhancements made by the software developers. X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

To use X-NetStat, you need to follow these general steps:

1. Download and Install: First, download X-NetStat from Dr.FarFar WebSite and install it on your Windows computer. Ensure that you download the latest version compatible with your operating system.

2. Launch X-NetStat: After installation, launch the X-NetStat application. It will open a graphical user interface (GUI) with various tabs and sections. X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

3. Monitor Active Connections: The main window of X-NetStat will display a list of active network connections. Each connection will have columns showing local and remote IP addresses, port numbers, connection state, and process IDs (PIDs).

4. Analyze Connections: Review the connection list to identify the connections you’re interested in. You can sort the connections based on different criteria by clicking on the column headers.

5. View Process Information: X-NetStat associates each connection with the corresponding process or application. To view the process information, select a connection and look for the process name or PID in the appropriate column. You can also right-click on a connection to access additional options. X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

6. Perform GeoIP Lookup: If you want to determine the geographic location of a remote IP address, right-click on the connection and select the “GeoIP Lookup” option. X-NetStat will retrieve and display the location information if available.

7. Check Traffic Statistics: X-NetStat provides statistics on network traffic. You can view data transfer rates, connection uptime, and cumulative data transfer volume for each connection. This information can be useful for monitoring network performance.

8. Perform Whois Lookup: To perform a Whois lookup for a specific IP address or domain name, right-click on the connection and select the “Whois Lookup” option. X-NetStat will query the appropriate Whois database and display the registration and ownership information. X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

9. Configure Alerts and Notifications: X-NetStat allows you to set up alerts and notifications based on specific conditions. You can customize these settings according to your preferences to receive notifications when certain events occur, such as new connections or connection state changes.

10. Additional Features: X-NetStat may have additional features like a built-in port scanner. Explore the menus and options to discover more functionality provided by the application.

Remember to refer to the documentation or help files provided with X-NetStat for detailed instructions on using specific features and navigating the interface, as the user interface and functionalities can vary between software versions.


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X-NetStat Technicians Full Activated

This update significantly improves core performance, by changing the way X-NetStat detects running processes.ย  It also adds the โ€œTrack Selected Connectionโ€ option, by default.ย  It also hooks up โ€œMake a rule for (Process)โ€.ย  In the setup wizard, โ€œPerform clean installโ€ is now off by default.ย  Finally, there are minor updates to the UI and help file.


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X-NetStat Technicians v6.0.0.36 Full Activated – Discount 100% OFF

Download X-NetStat Technicians a network monitoring tool that provides detailed information about network connections.
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