Acunetix Premium v24.5.240529155 Full Activated – CyberSecurity Tools โ€“ Discount 100% OFF

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Acunetix Premium Full Activated
Acunetix Premium Full Activated

Acunetix Premium Full Activated

CyberSecurity Tools

Acunetix Premiumย is a web application security solution for managing the security of multiple websites, web applications, and APIs. Integration features allow you to automate your DevOps and issue management infrastructures.

Acunetix Premium: A Comprehensive Web Application Security Solution

Web applications are crucial for businesses and organizations to connect with their customers, partners, and employees. As web applications become increasingly complex, the risk of security threats grows along with them. Acunetix Premium is a web application security solution designed to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in web applications, ensuring the safety and protection of sensitive data.

Acunetix Premium offers a full-featured solution for web application security testing, including automated scanning, manual penetration testing, and a reporting dashboard to track and remediate vulnerabilities. The solution is designed to provide comprehensive security coverage for both web applications and APIs.

One of the key features of Acunetix Premium is its ability to automatically scan web applications for security vulnerabilities. The automated scanning process uses a combination of web application scanning technologies, including deep packet inspection and fingerprinting, to identify potential vulnerabilities and provide detailed information about each risk.

The manual penetration testing capabilities of Acunetix Premium provide an additional layer of security coverage by allowing security experts to manually test web applications for security vulnerabilities. This manual testing provides a thorough assessment of web application security and can uncover vulnerabilities that may not be detected by automated scanning.

Acunetix Premium also includes a reporting dashboard that provides an overview of the security status of web applications, including the number of vulnerabilities found, their severity, and their risk levels. This reporting dashboard makes it easy for organizations to track and remediate vulnerabilities, ensuring that their web applications remain secure.

In addition to its comprehensive security coverage, Acunetix Premium also offers a number of other benefits, including:

  • Easy to use interface: The intuitive user interface of Acunetix Premium makes it easy to use, even for those who are not security experts.
  • Integration with other tools: Acunetix Premium integrates with other security tools and platforms, allowing organizations to use it as part of their existing security infrastructure.
  • Scalability: Acunetix can be scaled to meet the needs of organizations of any size, from small businesses to large enterprises.
  • Support for a wide range of technologies: Acunetix Premium supports a wide range of technologies, including popular web application frameworks, APIs, and cloud-based platforms.

In conclusion, Acunetix Premium is a comprehensive web application security solution that provides organizations with the tools they need to protect their web applications from security threats. With its automated scanning, manual penetration testing, and reporting dashboard, Acunetix Premium is an essential tool for organizations looking to secure their web applications and ensure the safety and protection of sensitive data.

How to Use Acunetix Premium: A Step-by-Step Guide

Acunetix Premium is a powerful web application security solution that provides organizations with the tools they need to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their web applications. With its automated scanning, manual penetration testing, and reporting dashboard, Acunetix is an essential tool for ensuring the security and protection of sensitive data. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to use Acunetix Premium.

Step 1: Set up Acunetix Premium

The first step in using Acunetix Premium is to set up the software. This can be done by downloading the software from the Acunetix website and installing it on your computer. Once installed, you will need to enter your license key and activate the software.

Step 2: Create a scan profile

Once you have set up Acunetix Premium, the next step is to create a scan profile. A scan profile is a set of instructions that tell Acunetix how to scan your web application. This includes information such as the URL of the web application, the credentials to access the application, and the type of scan to be performed (automated or manual).

Step 3: Start a scan

Once you have created a scan profile, you can start a scan by clicking the “Start Scan” button. Acunetix Premium will then start scanning your web application, looking for vulnerabilities and security risks. Depending on the size and complexity of your web application, this process may take a few minutes or several hours.

Step 4: Review the scan results

Once the scan is complete, Acunetix Premium will display the results in its reporting dashboard. The reporting dashboard provides a detailed overview of the security status of your web application, including the number of vulnerabilities found, their severity, and their risk levels.

Step 5: Remediate vulnerabilities

The final step in using Acunetix Premium is to remediate any vulnerabilities that have been identified. This can be done by following the recommended remediation steps provided in the reporting dashboard. Once you have remediated the vulnerabilities, you should re-run the scan to verify that the issues have been properly resolved.

In conclusion, Acunetix Premium is a powerful web application security solution that provides organizations with the tools they need to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their web applications. By following these five simple steps, you can use Acunetix Premium to ensure the security and protection of your sensitive data.

How to Make Money with Acunetix Premium: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Service Providers

Acunetix Premium is a comprehensive web application security solution that provides organizations with the tools they need to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their web applications. With its automated scanning, manual penetration testing, and reporting dashboard, Acunetix is an essential tool for ensuring the security and protection of sensitive data.

For entrepreneurs and service providers, Acunetix Premium offers several opportunities to make money by offering security services to organizations. In this article, we will explore some of the ways you can make money with Acunetix Premium.

  1. Offer web application security assessments

One of the key services that organizations need is web application security assessments. By using Acunetix Premium, you can offer comprehensive security assessments that include automated scanning, manual penetration testing, and a detailed report of the security status of the web application. By offering this service, you can help organizations identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their web applications, ensuring the safety and protection of sensitive data.

  1. Provide web application security consulting

In addition to security assessments, you can also offer web application security consulting services. This can include helping organizations develop and implement security policies and procedures, providing training on best practices for web application security, and offering advice on how to address specific security risks.

  1. Create and sell web application security training courses

Another way to make money with Acunetix Premium is to create and sell web application security training courses. These courses can be designed for both technical and non-technical audiences and can include topics such as how to use Acunetix, best practices for web application security, and how to mitigate common security risks.

  1. Start a web application security company

Finally, you can start your own web application security company, using Acunetix Premium as the cornerstone of your service offerings. By offering a full range of web application security services, including security assessments, consulting, and training, you can help organizations ensure the security and protection of their sensitive data.

In conclusion, Acunetix Premium is a powerful tool that provides entrepreneurs and service providers with numerous opportunities to make money by offering security services to organizations. Whether you are interested in offering security assessments, consulting, training, or starting your own web application security company, Acunetix is an essential tool for achieving success in this field.

Easy to Use, Fast to Act

Acunetix has an easy web interface that focuses on ease of use so you can begin scanning in five clicks. Industry-leading check instances and precise verification strategies give you instantly actionable insights so that you can act quickly.

  • Acunetix Newly discovered vulnerabilities are validated for authenticity, so you know which ones are confirmed to be real and not false positives. This saves you from having to spend hundreds of hours manually checking and confirming all of your vulnerabilities.
  • Acunetix uses two unique technologies that help you discover more vulnerabilities: AcuMonitor and AcuSensor. Additionally, AcuSensor helps you find the vulnerability in the source code so you can act quickly.
  • Acunetix scanning engine was developed by a dedicated team, and engineered with C ++, for efficiency, making it one of the fastest solutions on the market.

Acunetix Premium 24.4.240514098 Full Activated – CyberSecurity Tools โ€“ Discount 100% OFF

Unparalleled Detection and Visibility

Acunetixย scans for over 6,500 web vulnerabilities, including common attacks like SQL Injections and Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and checks your websites for misconfigurations, unpatched software, weak passwords, exposed databases, and many other vulnerabilities.

  • Dashboard views allow you to quantify the current state of your security,ย track changes over time, and measure your improvements.
  • Create implementation and developer reports as well as specialist compliance reports: HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO / IEC 27001, and more.
  • Acunetix Premium is a Multi-user solution with horizontal and vertical access rights management. You can control access for each target and for each job with admin, tester, and auditor access levels.

Integrate With Your Current Systems

Acunetix gives functionality so that you can integrate it absolutely with your SDLC and make web vulnerability checking part of your development and release processes.

  • It only takes a few minutes to integrate Acunetix with your environment. You can integrate with systems likeย Jira, Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, TFS, Bugzilla, and Mantis.
  • Automatically scan every build initiated by your CI/CD platform and detect vulnerabilities at the earliest stage of the SDLC. This allows quick remediation and prevents web vulnerabilities from making their way to production. You can even convertย Seleniumย scripts to scan protected content.
  • Continuous scanningย protects your assets without affecting performance. You can schedule full scans weekly and high-priority scans daily.

Acunetix Premium History

Version 24 ( Build 24.4.240514098 )


New Features


  • Multiple engine improvements on long scans
  • Updates to WordPress checks
  • Improved XSS detection
  • Improved SQL injection detection


  • Added check for PaperCut Path Trav (CVE-2023-39143)
  • Added check for CrushFTP SSTI (CVE-2024-4040)
  • Added check for GlobalProtect PAN-OS RCE (CVE-2024-3400)
  • Added check for D-Link NAS RCE (CVE-2024-3273)

New Vulnerability Checks




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Top 35 Bug Bounty Programs in 2025

  1. Intel
  2. Yahoo
  3. Snapchat
  4. Cisco
  5. Dropbox
  6. Apple
  7. Facebook
  8. Google
  9. Quora
  10. Mozilla
  11. Microsoft
  12. OpenSSL
  13. Vimeo
  14. Apache
  15. Twitter
  16. Avast
  17. Paypal
  18. GitHub
  19. Uber
  20. Magento
  21. Perl
  22. PHP
  23. Starbucks
  24. AT&T
  25. LinkedIn
  26. Paytm
  27. Shopify
  28. WordPress
  29. Zomato
  30. Tor Project
  31. Hackerone
  32. Bugcrowd
  33. Aliexpress
  34. Android
  35. Blockchain


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Acunetix Premium v24.5.240529155 Full Activated – CyberSecurity Tools โ€“ Discount 100% OFF

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