Email Checker Pro Full Activated
Email Checker Pro Full Activated

Email Checker Pro Full Activated

Verify Email Addresses Are Really Existing in Batch Mode

  • Check Validity & Existence Both without Sending
  • Work in Batch Mode
  • Import/Export Email Addresses (csv, txt, xls(x) with Multi-sheet)
  • Fast Checking (hundreds/min), the More the Faster due to Multi-threaded
  • Real-time Statistics (Counts & 3D Pie Chart) During Checking
  • Advanced Excel Import/Export Algorithm Makes Efficient Behavior
  • Tell You The [Result], [Description] (Reason of Result), [Suggestion], [Interaction]
       (Between Email Checker Pro and Destination Email Server) After Checked
  • Customizable Unsupported Email Servers, Check Rules & Export Rules

Complete Description Email Checker seasoned: check and verify email addresses are valid (format or syntax) and genuinely current at the corresponding email servers without sending in BATCH mode. Typically, it’s far used to maintain an easy emailing listing.

It works very fast, the greater the quicker because of use multi-threaded checking, it is able to take a look at loads of e-mail addresses per minute, depends on your pc performance and community velocity.

It is very clean to apply: just import the email addresses from CSV (comma separated values), txt (tab-separated) or Excel Workbooks (.Xls or xlsx), after which click on <Check> button, the results will show quickly. And you may additionally export the consequences to csv/txt/xls/xlxs files.

Except for displays the effects in a list view historically, the email Checker seasoned also makes the visual statistics through counts and 3-d pie chart. The greater visible is: the counts and 3-D pie chart are up to date in real-time throughout checking email addresses.

The result contains the following factors:
[Result]: ok, horrific, Wait, Server now not discovered or Checking Failed.
[Description] (motive of the end result): truly Exists (for ok), Invalid electronic mail address format (for terrible), certainly Nonexistent/Disabled/Unavailable/Discontinued (for bad), Unsupported Server, Marked as ok (for ok), Invalid e-mail Server or can not hook up with It (for Server no longer located), An blunders befell during Checking (for Checking Failed).
[Suggestion]: maintain (for good enough), Discard (for bad) or Recheck (for Server no longer determined and Checking Failed).
[Last Check]: e-mail Checker seasoned will save the closing test date for every email address, and the test rule putting may additionally rely on this date.
[Interaction]: the interplay between email Checker seasoned and vacation spot server in the course of checking.

Software License : Team License ( All Options )

Version : 4.1.075

Price : 249.99

Discount : 100% OFF


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