What Will I Learn?

  • Control their website Security
  • Understand most common WordPress security issues and how to fix them
  • Know Exactly what steps to take in case of website is hacked
  • Fully understand, how to secure any wordpress Website


  • Basic knowledge of Internet Surfing
  • No software or prior security knowledge is required
  • A Basic understanding of wordpress is useful

WordPress Security | Master Class | Protect your Business Today 

Creating an Online Business requires a lot of planning and dedicated resources. Without securing it, all of your investment and time can go in vain or wasted in simple word. Let’s talk about some statistics, everyday more than 50 thousands websites get blacklisted, hackers are winning big times due to the vulnerabilities available in wordpress websites as usually people forget to protect them through already available solutions.

Let’s understand, what it takes to secure a wordpress website and save you money and time in long run.

In this course we will cover, the Security as a whole and eliminate security threat on each 3 levels. We will learnour online adversaries, Hacker’s intentions, how they exploit someone’s Business to gain money and how we can stop them and create a ring fence.

When 10’s of Thousands of websites are at risk every single day, it is important to understand how you can avoid being on that list by following some simple rules that i have defined in this course.

What we will cover in this course ?

> We will cover 3 levels of security

> what tools and techniques are available to ring fence online business

> How we can protect wordpress login attacks

> how different plugins can help to stop Bruteforce attack and SQL Penetration

We will discuss how we can protect our front door by changing the login page and implementing 2 Factors Authentication

This is not all, we will go in depth and understand how we can protect directories and will take LIVE EXAMPLE that how people can lose money if they don’t take proper measures.

> After preventive measures, we will explore what are detective measures

> which tool can help to scan website for malware and different between premium and free tools

> We will explore how we can automate scanning

Once we will cover the Preventive and Detective measures, we will discuss the Backup Strategies and Solutions available.

> How we can conduct backups on regular basis

> How we can automate this process with help of free and paid tools

Finally we will cover all stages and prepare Master Plan or contingency Plan.

In this plan we will discuss, what steps we need to take in case our website get compromise and how we can bring our website back to Business As Usual

I am sure there is a lot more so let’s start this course today and protect your Business.

I’ll see you in this course. Thanks

Who is the target audience?
  • Bloggers that use WordPress Website
  • Online Ecommerce Business Owners that have WordPress store
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to loose time, money and hard work that is invested to setup wordpress website


Curriculum For This Course :

WordPress Security | Protect Your Business Today
WordPress Security | Why it matters ?
WordPress Security | How it can affect us ?
WordPress Security | Understanding the possibilities
WordPress Security | Holistic View of Security
WordPress Security | 3 Levels of Secure Environment
WordPress Security | Level 1 Security – Part 1
WordPress Security | Anti-Virus
WordPress Security | Keyloggers Scam
WordPress Security | Malware Protection
WordPress Security | Password Management Solution
WordPress Security | Wifi Protection
WordPress Security | Hosting Debate
WordPress Security | Secured Hosting Selection
WordPress Security | How to Select Themes and Plugins – Part 1
WordPress Security | Black Market of Free Resources
WordPress Security | Free Plugins and Themes NO GO ZONE
WordPress Security | How to get Secured Themes and Plugins Free
WordPress Security | Ensuring Themes and Plugins are up-to-date
WordPress Security |Advance WordPress Security – Preventive Measures
WordPress Security | Protect Your Front Door – Introduction
WordPress Security | WordPress Famous 5 min Installation – Part 1
WordPress Security | WordPress Famous 5 min installation Part 2
WordPress Security | wordpress Famous 5 min Installation Part 3
WordPress Security | WordPress 5 min Installation – Part 4
WordPress Security | C Panel WordPress Installation method
WordPress Security | Changing DB PreFix after installation
WordPress Security | Strategy to Secure User Accounts
WordPress Security | Hide wordpress Public Info from Hackers
WordPress Security | Securing WP-CONFIG file
WordPress Security | Directory Protections and File Permissions
WordPress Security | Secure Directories from Crawlers Robot.TXT
WordPress Security | Secure WP-Admin and Wp-Login with Extra Layer of Security
WordPress Security | Bruteforce Attack and Prevention
WordPress Security | Bruteforce Prevention a New Level
WordPress Security | Google 2 Factor Authentication Setup
WordPress Security | Preventive Summary
Advance WordPress Security – Detective Measures
WordPress Security | All in One WP Security
WordPress Security | Free Tools for Scanning and Premium Tools
Advance WordPress Security – Backup Strategies
WordPress Security – Backup Strategies and Tools
WordPress Security – Backup Summary and Instructor Note
WordPress Security | Master Plan to Investigate Hacked Website
WordPress Security | Master Plan to Investigate Hacked Website
WordPress Security | Summary and Additional Tools

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