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InstagramBot instabot.PW Professional Premium v1.0.6.2 – Discount 100% OFF

InstagramBot instabot.PW Professional Premium v1.0.6.2 – Discount 100% OFF

Pro version:

  • unlimited likes per hour
  • unlimited follow per hour
  • unlimited unfollow per hour
  • unlimited comments per hour
  • proxy support
  • multiply accounts

How To Setup Your InstagramBot

1) Download Free Full version From Here
2) Run the Bot
3) On tab “Main” enter the username and password from your instagram account. Your data store localy. Press login bottom.

Name of you instagram account you are using is now written of the top of settings tab.

4) Bot make all actions (find user to follow, media to like and etc.) by using #hastag or geo tags.

-by hastags: go to tab “settings” and enter hashtag list for interaction and stop words.

by geo id:put id of location that you need (id you can get in instagram-every location has it unique number)

by geo name: put geo location you need, also you can put couple loctaions

Return to tab “Main” and set up the desired number of likes, comments and following/unfollow per hour.
-For beginner version – 30 likes per hour, 10 follow per hour, 10 unfollow per hour, 10 comments per hour;
-For standard and pro version unlimit likes,follow,unfollow,comments per hour;

5) Open the “Settings” tab. In the “Like” box place the numbers from _to _ and, the bot will put likes on media in this range (for example, when setting from 100 to 500, bot will not like media with 10 likes, and 1000 likes,but will like media with 200 likes).

6) Box “Unfollow “ shows in how many seconds bot will unfollow from accounts he subscribed. Bot will no unfollow your persanal subscribs.

7) Comments are automatically generated from the file “comments.dat”.
8) When you have finished settings, click the “Start bot” button.

All actions of the bot are recorded in log file, which allows you to track all the errors and fix them.

Whats new in :

1) Added geotargeting feature:

by geo id-put id of location that you need (id you can get in instagram-every location has it unique number)

by geo name– put geo location you need, also you can put couple loctaions

2) Was created log file, so all actions of the bot are recorded, which allows you to track all the errors and fix them.
\ * \ data \ yourname-log

3) Name of you instagram account you are using is now written of the top of settings tab.


Recommended limits for promotion by InstagramBot


  • Less than 500 subscribers
  • It was created less than 1 month ago


  • 30 likes per hour
  • 15 follow per hour
  • 10 unfollow per hour
  • 5 comment per hour


  • More than 500 subscribers
  • It was created more than 1 month ago


  • 45 likes per hour
  • 20 follow per hour
  • 15 unfollow per hour
  • 10 comment per hour


  • Increase any type of action for +5
  • If you don’t get temporary ban for 1-2 day, this is settings good for your account
  • If you get temporary ban (for some of action) – stop this action for some hours and restore last value


9 errors that kill subscribers in Instagram


  1. Closed account

Making your account private is the fastest way to lose subscribers.

The privacy of a personal account is a matter of taste, but when a user sees a privacy icon from a business account, he immediately wants to stay away from it.

There are 2 reasons for this:

The user’s request must be approved – it can take from an hour to a day, depending on how the business works.

Users can not see the content of the profile – that is, they have no idea what exactly the business shares in their account.

To verify that your account is not private, please check your account settings. Also, it makes sense to go over photos and remove existing privacy marks from them.

  1. Monotone content

Have you ever encountered something excessive? So, well, if it was not in your Instagram-account. Users will quickly unsubscribe from you if you post the same type of content.

There is nothing wrong with using Selfi for marketing purposes, but placing similar SELFIs again and again will force subscribers to leave, because they will become bored.

To avoid this, place different types of content. This means that you should not just mix questions with business advice, but also experiment with colors and branding.

  1. Too frequent posting

Placing a lot of photos in a short time frame is a great way to get a bunch of notes.

There is nothing wrong with posting photos several times a day. But you do not need to post photos one after another. If, by flipping through the tape, users will only see your photos, sooner or later they will stop paying attention to them – and this will kill the involvement.

And they may get bored, and they just press “Unsubscribe”.

To prevent this from happening, destroy the content – let users interact with you.

  1. Ignoring comments

To build strong relationships with subscribers, you need to follow their comments and respond to them.

Remember, the main task of your business in Instagram is to involve and inform users. Ignoring the comments they perceive as an inattention to themselves – and this can lead to unsubscribes.

To prevent this, make sure that the subscribers have received your answers: @username. Having seen the notice of your answer, they can write something after them and even arrange a discussion.

  1. Absence of hashtags

Rejecting the use of hashtags means missing the chance to reach a new audience.

Increasingly, you can hear “Do not overdo it with hashtags – they are too similar to spam.” But this does not apply to Instagram!

In order for your content to be noticed, you must use the relevant hashtags associated with your industry. Thanks to them, people will be able to find your content for the relevant keywords. But if you still do not want to fill out the signature with a hashtag, you can always add them to the comment.

Also worth paying attention to the best Instagram-hashtags  of your industry and include them in their posts. Another good idea is to create your own hashtag and promote it among subscribers.

  1. Unoptimized bio

In your account there is only one place where subscribers can go to your site – it’s bio. If you do not have a link in the bio, then you miss the chance to attract new visitors to the site, blog or lending. You can, of course, add the URL to the comment, but the effect will not be the same.

To get the most out of your account in Instagram, add the most important link in the bio and write in the comments that you can get more detailed information by clicking on this link.

  1. Lack of video

Everyone is waiting for their moment of glory. Video is the ideal option to show the brand identity or highlight key moments of content or events.

The involvement of the video depends on the industry and the quality of the content, but in any case it should be tried.

  1. Ignoring other users

It’s hard to call work with your content an Instagram strategy. It is necessary to interact with other businesses and users to build a stable relationship in their niche. Subscribing to other accounts shows that you are interested in their content, and gives you the opportunity to interact with them in the stream.

Just do not have to subscribe to all of your subscribers! Just gradually explore the other accounts in your niche and see which one of them you could build a profitable relationship with.


Avoiding these simple but common mistakes, you quickly build an involved and loyal community around your brand.


How to create a point of geolocation in Instagram?

For example you have your own company, office, store, in which you or your customers,visitors, take photos, and then spread them to Instagram. When picture will be published ,  it will have the label on the card, with the name of your company. This has a positive effect on brand awareness and increase the number of customers, because each photo made near your geotag will be marked on the map with your name.

Create your geolocation:

-In Facebook app click on the link “Where are you”
-In the search field seats, enter the name of the new location and select “Add”
-Find and select the desired location category
-Select “I am here now!”
-In the “Location Services” field, enter the street name (optional)
-Push the button “Finish”
-On the proposed site page, click the link “Create”
-Make  post on Facebook
-Make a photo in Instagram
-When you post a photo, select “Add to photocard” and click “Name a place”
-On the “Locations” page, enter the full name created in Facebook place
-Publish photo


13 Interesting Facts About Instagram

  1. Japan, Brazil and United States are the three countries with the most users.

  1. There are 57 million photos bearing #selfie hashtag its many variations on Instagram.
  2. New York City is the most geotagged city.

  1. No Filter is actually the most popular filter on Instagram.
  2. Stanford grads Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in 2010.
  3. Facebook purchased the company two years later in 2012 for $1 billion in cash and stock.
  4. When it was bought by Facebook Instagram only had 13 employees.
  5. 70% of Instagram users check it at least once a day.

  1. 43% of accounts new posts appear more than once a day, and brands published on the average 5.5 posts per week.
  2. 83% of all posts contain hashtags.
  3. The most popular hashtags are #love,#beautiful,#cute, #me, and #tbt amongst others.
  4. Number of  likes increased by 24% when the photograph blue predominates.

13. On average, one second users put 12 thousand likes and left 1.3 million comments.

Use InstagramBot to promote your instagram profile!


InstagramBot  will promote your profile, your product or service 24 hours a day.You only need to specify the  desirable  settings.

Subscriptions, likes, comments – dozens of settings according to different criteria. Promoting your account InstagramBot  puts likes or subscribes to a potential customer on behalf of your account Instagram.

The client is notified and sets in your account page. In the case of client interest is signed in to your account.

Work with your account

Through the service, you can manage dozens of accounts, post pictures, implement deferred publication according to your schedule.

Research your promo

You can analyze the conversion for each running promo, cutting unproductive, leaving the only the best.



Software License : Professional License ( All Options )

Price : $ 29,99
Discount : 100% OFF


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Filename :  InstagramBot instabot.PW Pro Premium v1.0.6.2
Size : 1.15 MB


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Password = Dr.FarFar

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