Earn $25 Worth of Stellar Lumens Airdrop Free Giveaway

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The Blockchain Wallet is designed so users can control their crypto with ease and truly use it. But we’d be nowhere without the tens of millions of people that have used the Blockchain Wallet and allowed us to pioneer user-controlled finance at scale.

There are so many ways we could say thank you to our 30M (and counting!) Wallet users – but we narrowed it down to 125 million.

Starting today, in celebration of adding full support for XLM in the Blockchain Wallet, we’ll begin giving away $125,000,000 of Stellar (XLM) to YOU, our users. With nearly 30M Blockchain Wallets to date, we’re excited to add an entirely new way for users to get their first crypto.

And just as Blockchain never charges listing fees to join our platform, we aren’t keeping a single XLM for ourselves. We’re giving them all away. That’s a lot of 0s to distribute. In fact, this is the largest airdrop in the history of crypto and likely the largest consumer giveaway ever.

Why are we doing this? We’ve already shared our thoughts on how Blockchain Airdrops are a great way for crypto creators to drive decentralization and adoption for new networks. We think they’re great for crypto users too. They let you test, trade, and transact with the next generation of crypto assets without having to buy them or mine them. Your Blockchain Wallet has always been the safest and easiest way to use crypto. Now, with the launch of the Blockchain Airdrops program, you can count on your Blockchain Wallet as a place to learn and discover new assets, too – all for free.

We’re starting with Stellar because its network is built for scalability. Its token, XLM, enables quick, low cost, worldwide transactions, even when millions of people are using it at once. Stellar can even create custom tokens representing real-world or virtual goods and services. Lastly, Stellar has a world class development community and a vibrant, functioning ecosystem.

We’re also partnering with a number of organizations on this airdrop, including the Stanford d.school’s emerging tech initiative, Code.org, and Network for Good, who share our vision for using this transformational technology to build a better future. And we’ll be partnering with charity: water to make donations in support of their mission. More details on those partnerships will be revealed in the coming weeks!

Online Cryptocurrency Wallet company giving away $125 Million worth of Stellar Lumens to its users. That is about 500 million XLM for current pricing. Currently (6th Nov 2018) XML is trading at $0.259887 USD. 7 days change 16.2%.

To promote XLM and to bring new users to the Cryptocurrency ecosystem, the Blockchain wallet firm partnership with “Stellar Development Foundation” conducting this airdrop program.

How to get Stellar Lumens (XLM) for Free?

Simple. According to them, it is first come first rewarded basis. Do not waste your time. Hurry up.

  • Go to Join Now For Free
  • Enter your email ID.
  • Complete the Google reCaptcha.
  • Click “Join Waitlist”.
  • Done. But make sure to visit https://www.blockchain.com/ and create your first wallet to be in waitlist to receive free XLM coins.



After Finish this, you will receive $25 worth of Stellar Lumens.

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Earn $25 Worth of Stellar Lumens Airdrop Free Giveaway

How to get Stellar Lumens (XLM) for Free ? Simple. According to them, it is first come first rewarded basis. Do not waste your time.
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